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Tips and Tricks for Cleaning and Maintaining the Interior of a Car, Covering Everything from Leather Care to Carpet Cleaning

Now that you have finally found your dream car, you can be relieved and stop hunting for popular models, searching for a car that fits both your budget and your needs for mileage. But, Is this enough to meet all your travel demands? Not at all. The next task is the care and maintenance of […]

How to Protect a Vehicle from the Damaging Effects of Different Weather Conditions

The elements constantly attack our cherished cars, bringing with them everything from freezing blizzards to searing sun. Even though they’re designed to tolerate some wear and tear, harsh weather can seriously damage their longevity, functionality, and appearance. Fortunately, you can make your car a weather-proof champion instead of just a weather warrior with a few […]

What Is Ceramic Coating? What Are Its Effects on Cars and Bikes?

When you buy a premium bike or car the responsibility of caring for your car increases manifold. You must have heard car and bike enthusiasts talking about ceramic coating and how they maintain the shine and glamour of their two-wheeled/four-wheeled companions with these. If you have recently purchased a premium car for a bike and […]

How to Clean Leather Car Seats the Right Way

Buying a car comes close second to buying a house for many in India. Every individual who buys a car does his or her research and invests their hard-earned money on it. After spending lakhs of rupees in buying a car and thousands on accessories, extra fittings, and upholstery, you must ensure that your car […]

Seasonal Bike Polishing Tips for Different Weather Conditions

You invested all your money on your prized possession- your bike, and even before you have fully started enjoying its glory the weather plays spoilt sport! As each season comes and goes your bike faces different sets of harsh weather- sometimes it is the scorching sun and at other times it is the onslaught of […]

How to polish a car without a clear coat?

Typically speaking, polishing a car adds that spark that asks for detailing at its core. This stems from the reason that polishing a car comes with plentiful benefits. Its countless advantages not only make a car sleek at the utmost but also contribute towards its longevity.  However, if you are the one whose car is […]

Different Types of Car Polish and Their Various Benefits

When you are the owner of a sleek and stylish car that takes its place of pride in your garage, the last thing you want is its look dampened by scratches, dirt, or grime. Have you ever wondered why the car that you bought a year ago, which had a glossy shine, suddenly started to […]

Get a Brilliant Shine with These Car Wash Shampoo and Wax Tips

Living in an era of hustling and bustling, we often find ways can simplify our tasks. Often in a rush, we find it difficult enough to manage our chores in our daily lives. One such chore is cleaning the essentials that we use daily. Cars being one of such essentials also look for maintenance.  In […]

What is the difference between Car Wax and Polish?

Maintaining the sleekness and gloss of a car is not as easy as it looks. And maintaining it is not just about caring for the aesthetics but the preservation of the values. However, the market of car care is flooded with not one but many products. Due to this, it becomes very obvious for the […]