Car Polish

Different Types of Car Polish and Their Various Benefits

Car Polish

When you are the owner of a sleek and stylish car that takes its place of pride in your garage, the last thing you want is its look dampened by scratches, dirt, or grime. Have you ever wondered why the car that you bought a year ago, which had a glossy shine, suddenly started to look all bland and old, even though you spent hours washing it and giving it all the attention it needed? The secret might just lie in one simple practice you may be overlooking—car polishing! 

Car polishing is the best care that you can give to your car which involves getting rid of coat damages like scratches and swirl marks. This is often done by using a polishing liquid which increases the gloss level and makes it as good as new & straight out of a TV commercial!

If you already know car polish products, you might have landed here to get away from the plethora of choices and get a clear-cut idea of the types of car polishes suitable for your car. 

We recognize that the appearance of your car is a reflection of your style and passion for quality and car polishing is not merely a routine maintenance task; it’s an art that requires precision and the right tools. So, let’s get into the intricacies of car polishing.

Before we delve deep into the depths of vehicle polish, let’s get clarity on the elephant in the room. Yes, we know you have your doubts and have the eminent question lurking in your mind “Are car wax and car polish the same?” No, they are not! To give you a clear idea about the difference between these two, you can check out this informative piece.

Type of Car Polish

When it comes to the Best car polish in India, there are five options, that you can choose from according to your unique requirements, & that stand as favorites among Car lovers:

  • Abrasive Car Polish: These are usually made of micro-abrasives or aluminum oxide particles used specifically to remove those scratches swirl marks and imperfections from your car.
  • Non-abrasive Polish: Get a Non-abrasive car polish if have just bought a car and want to maintain its luster. You could also use it if you have hidden your car from those nasty scratches and want to add some shine and glitz to your car.
  • All-in-one Car Polish: These are a combo of the above too and give you the benefits of both abrasive and non-abrasive car polishes.
  • Spray-on car polish: The car polish spray is a great option if all your car needs is those small touch-ups here and there. If you don’t want to go all out try it as a DIY for for a spray-on car polish to get a knack of how car polish works. 
  • Ceramic car polish: Ceramic car polish is soon catching up pace in the area of car care, as it provides a water-resistant durable layer that is both long-lasting and shine-inducing.
Car Silicone Polish

Benefits of Car Polishing:

Buying a Car is a dream that comes second only to buying a house. After spending your 5 years saving on a car it is obvious that every scratch hurts! Taking a car to a service center for minor scratches and swirls can be heavy on your pocket. The best thing that you could do is to invest in a car polish for your 4-wheeler.

The benefits of Car polishing outnumber the stress of taking the car to a service center by a huge gap: 

Removes Scratches 

The best thing about car polishing is that it helps to bring an even tone to your car and removes fine or medium scratches quickly without spending a ton.

Paintwork Restoration: While you may be spending hours with a Bucket of water and a sponge trying to bring a mirror finish to your car, the reality is that no amount of water can remove contaminants from the surface of a vehicle’s paint. 

Paint correction: The dull and chalky look on your car is due to the oxidation that occurs and car polishing is an antidote to that. Car polishing helps to bring the original reflectivity and restores the original luster through paint correction.

Gloss, Shine, and color rejuvenation: If you want your car to look swanky and upbeat then multiple polishing stages gradually refine the paint surface maintain the gloss and shine of your car, and rejuvenate your car for many years to come.

Protection from UV Rays: The UV rays of the sun cause the car’s color to fade and deteriorate over time. A combination of car polish and car wax protects the car paint from the UV rays of the sun. 

Those classic car exhibitions where you marvel at the timeless beauties, as if untouched by the hands of time, are a testament to the transformative power of car polishing. Your car is a symbol of your hard-earned investment and it deserves more than routine care—it deserves some personalized care. It deserves the Self-Care of Car polishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various car polishing techniques?

The different car polishing techniques range from hand polishing to machine polishing. The technique you choose depends on what type of polish is being used, your requirements, and the expertise of the person using it.

Can I polish my car by hand?

Yes, you can polish your car by hand, but it is necessary to try it on a demo surface to get a hang of it. It is preferable to use a microfiber cloth for this. The results depend on your expertise and will differ from person to person.

What is car exterior polish?

Some car polishes are specifically designed to be used for the exterior of cars only. The car exterior polish cannot be used for the inside upholstery of the car and could cause possible damage if the instructions given in the car polish manual are not followed.

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