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Seasonal Bike Polishing Tips for Different Weather Conditions

Bike polish

You invested all your money on your prized possession- your bike, and even before you have fully started enjoying its glory the weather plays spoilt sport! As each season comes and goes your bike faces different sets of harsh weather- sometimes it is the scorching sun and at other times it is the onslaught of the harsh winters. Keeping a bike all bright and shiny needs more than just those regular wheels and a bike cover. Your bike needs a self-care regime of its own- it needs a Bike polish!

As per a report in Staista, “In financial year 2023, two-wheeler sales in India saw an increase from the previous years to 15.9 million units” This shows the enormous money we invest in our bikes and with so much of money being invested it becomes necessary to take care of your bike and see to it that it makes heads turn wherever you ride.

But you can’t just pick a polish and lather your bike with one, you have to use precision and expertise to see to it that your bike maintains that shine for as long as it takes and invest in weather-resistant bike products.

If you want to keep your two-wheeled companion as good as new, you might want to keep these seasonal bike polishing tips handy. 

Revealed: Bike Polishing Tips To Brace Any Season

Every weather brings with it a different set of challenges. And every weather asks for a different set of Weather-specific bike care.

Monsoon Bike Polishing Tips

Monsoon means water and water ultimately means corrosion for metallic parts of your bike. Don’t let monsoons dampen the magic of monsoons. Keep these motorcycle polishing tips close to you to enjoy those drizzles on a long ride.

  • Clean your bike through every inch to remove dirt and grime.
  • Opt for a water-resistant polish that acts as a barrier to water.
  • Apply coats of polish on the whole bike and ensure that you give special attention to rust-prone areas that might get directly affected by the monsoon.
  • Ready for an expert tip? Here it goes: Always remember to apply the polish in a circular motion

Summer Two Wheeler Polishing Tips

Summers are some beach adventures with your bike, but they also bring their own set of “sun-tan” for your bike. The scorching sun can fade the paint and cause some sun related damage which might dampen the glory of your bike. Another thing that summers are notorious for are the first, dust and grime. So what’s the solution? 

  • Polish your bike inside. Though this may seem irrelevant, keeping the bike outside after a polish causes the polish to dry out quickly. Polishing the bike in the interiors gives it ample time for buffing and proper application, helping in a smooth and even finish throughout.
  • Well, applying a layer of polish on your bike before you head out at the start of summer can be all the difference when it comes to maintaining the luster of your bike.
  • Don’t forget to clean your bike before you apply polish and maintain the beauty of your bike by cleaning the dirt and dust each time after use.
  •  Preferably use a Bike shampoo with ph neutral balance to keep the paint safe and to clean away any remnants of dust to get a squeaky clean look.
  • Use a Bike polish that has UV-resistant properties so that your bike has to face minimum damage.
  • Special tip: After polishing leave the bike to absorb the polish and stay put for 15 minutes before you set off.

Winter Bike Polishing Hacks

Before you head out for that ice trail thinking that your bike is safe think about the salt used for de-icing the roads in winter. That salt can spell havoc for your bike and cause corrosion and ice can be very harsh for the health of your bike exteriors. 

  • Moisture from ice can speed up erosion hence clean the bike with a microfiber cloth before resuming polishing.
  • Give special attention to the metal parts and ensure that you apply polish on these parts.
  • Ensure that you apply the polish on the dashboard, tires, leather seats, rubber seats full exterior, and mirrors for holistic coverage.
  • Fool-proof tip: Always clean the bike after 15 minutes of polish to get that extra glossy look.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to weather-appropriate motorcycle polishing. Each weather calls for your skilled hands to take care of your adventure buddy in different ways. Instead of sending your bike to a service center and spending thousands on the exteriors think ahead and invest ina good bike polish and shampoo to keep your bike sparking as new! 

Do share these seasonal bike polish hacks with your friends and jet set for those long trails of adventure without any worries in your gleaming two-wheeled companion.

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